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Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture
Farming in tune with Natural Laws

Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture

  1. What is Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture? 
  2. Why Maharishi Vedic Organic? 
  3. Veda and Natural Law in Agriculture
  4. Enlivening Natural Law, the Essence of Vedic Farming
  5. The Effects of Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture
  6. Veda in Human Physiology-The Individual is Cosmic
  7. Scientific research 
  8. Maharishi Vedic Organic Certification Program
  9. Maharishi’s Program to Eliminate Poverty

1.  What is Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture?

Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture is agriculture in harmony with Natural Law. It is a system of agriculture that nourishes and supports the vital link between the farmer, his crops, the environment, and the natural laws at the basis of farming.  This insures success in all aspects of the food growing process.

Vedic agriculture recognizes the fundamental link between man and nature, between the individual and the cosmos, and seeks to fine-tune that relationship. The technologies of Vedic agriculture balance individual and collective life in such a manner that nature in turn becomes balanced and supportive. 

Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture applies both the traditional and the most advanced techniques of organic farming along with Maharishi’s Vedic Technologies of Consciousness and the Vedic Procedures of Farming to enliven the natural creative intelligence responsible for plant growth. This balances Natural Law at all levels, individual and environmental.  In so doing, it promotes the production of food that far exceeds today’s highest standards in vitality, nutrient value and purity.

Vedic Organic food will be fresh food—food that has been ripened on the plant or tree for maximum nutritional value.  It is food that has been harvested and processed in such a manner to preserve its freshness and vitality.

Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture has all the knowledge and technologies to bless the world with abundance, and bring fulfillment to man’s aspirations to live life in perfect health and happiness.

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2. Why Maharishi Vedic Organic?

Worldwide, there is a growing recognition of the need for a new paradigm in agriculture. Today’s agricultural technologies have burdened the environment and threatened our lives with harmful chemical fertilizers, non-degradable pesticides and herbicides, and genetically modified organisms.  The former have destroyed the life of the soil, causing wide spread erosion and sterility, while the latter have upset thousands of years of perfect evolution in accord with all the laws of nature and disrupted farming traditions in every country.  Food has become polluted with the byproducts of these practices, sacrificing quality to unhealthy growing and processing practices.

The production and sale of agricultural products has become focused on convenience, mass production, packaging, and marketing, with the result that fruits and vegetables are harvested long before they are ripe and have developed their full nutritive value.  Unripe foods are then chemically or unnaturally ripened at the convenience of the market.

Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture seeks to solve today’s agricultural crisis by extending the laudable practices of organic farming to encompass the full range of life, where the quality of consciousness of the farmer and his subtle relationship to his crops and the environment are taken into account. Life is holistic. Vedic farming includes the full range of life: from the farmer, to his crops, and the interrelationship between the two.

There is a saying in the countryside of India that “mind depends on the quality of food that we eat.”  For full development of mind, we need the full range of Natural Law to be developed in the food.  This will ensure that the thinking and behavior of the whole population will always be in an evolutionary direction. 

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3. Veda and Natural Law in Agriculture.

Agriculture in perfect harmony with Natural Law is the goal of Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture.  The expression “Natural Law” refers to all the laws of nature discovered by the modern sciences—Physics, Biology, Chemistry, etc.—including the laws that structure life at the individual and social levels, and which maintain order in the universe. “Natural Law” refers to the integrated, balanced, and holistic functioning of all the Laws of Nature.

In the past 200 years, modern science has systematically revealed deeper layers of order in Nature, from the molecular and atomic to the nuclear and subnuclear levels. Recent discoveries in quantum mechanics have revealed even more fundamental levels of Nature’s functioning, where the diverse forces and fields are unified, ultimately leading to one Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature.

This universal source of all orderliness identified by modern physics has within itself all the diverse Laws of Nature governing life at every level. Modern science has thus identified one holistic, unified field at the basis of all the immense diversity of Natural Law expressed in creation. This field is the total potential and the total intelligence of Natural Law.

The knowledge of Veda and the Vedic Literature, as brought to light and understood from a scientific perspective by Maharishi in his Vedic Science and Technology, also identifies a single, universal source of all orderliness in Nature.  In Vedic science, this source of orderliness is experienced as the most fundamental level of human consciousness, the simplest form of man’s awareness, our own SELF.
The description of the Laws of Nature from the perspective of modern science and the description of Veda and the Vedic Literature provided by Maharishi’s Vedic Science are identical.  These two great traditions of knowledge—objective and subjective, modern and ancient—uphold one another and together rejoice in providing mankind with the basic and timely knowledge of Natural Law.

This singular understanding also gives us a method to experience the Laws of Nature and to make them lively within ourselves.  We have simply to enliven Veda and the Vedic Literature in our awareness and we automatically enliven Natural Law in ourselves and in the environment. This discovery has tremendous practical application in the field of agriculture, as it gives us a direct means, within the awareness of the farmer, to enliven the laws of nature responsible for plant growth.  

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4. Enlivening Natural Law, the Essence of Vedic Farming

Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture will establish effective techniques of sustainable agriculture suitable to the local environment.  However, the essence of Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture is not the specific methods of farming which vary from place to place and culture to culture.

The real and most fundamental concern in Vedic Agriculture is how lively, balanced and supportive is the Creative Intelligence of Natural Law in the farmer, in the plants and in the environment.  In Vedic Agriculture we are concerned with that agency which converts the soil and air and water into fruits and vegetables.  We are concerned with creativity, we are concerned with the Creative Intelligence that is responsible for the balanced expression of that creativity. We want to be sure this agency remains strong and is not weakened in any way.  We want to be sure that all the forces responsible for successful agriculture are timely and supportive.
So when we speak of Vedic Agriculture, we are speaking of the creative and perfectly coordinated Intelligence of Natural Law. This is what will bring together all the needed factors such as sun and rain, temperature, water, plant health, seed vitality, etc. that must be coordinated for successful farming. We want all these factors to be supportive to our efforts.

The technologies of Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture can be applied directly to enliven Natural Law in the farmer’s awareness and in his environment. This goes right to the heart of Vedic farming and enhances the support from nature that can only be gained by living in tune with Natural Law. 

The more Natural Law is enlivened, the more effortless and abundant will be the process of agriculture, because success in agriculture fundamentally depends on support of nature.

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5.  The Effects of Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture

As a result of Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture, the soil, the seed, the crop, even the weather conditions will all be in favor of the farmer. Timely winds, rains, and sunshine will be at the disposal of the farmer to support every step of his profession, season after season.

The crops themselves will respond to the farmer and his intentions to enliven Natural Law. Research has shown that plants are sensitive, living entities, which are very aware of their environment. The effect of human thoughts and feelings, and the expressions of loving care can cause plants to favorably react to the person who is caring for them.

It will be the joy of the farmer to see the health and vitality of his crops growing through the nourishing technologies of Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture.   The fortunes of the Vedic Farmer will blossom in affluence. The farmer’s life will flower in its parental role for the whole nation. The gift of the Vedic Farmer and Vedic Farming will be a new dawn of health and happiness.

Individual life will be in tune with cosmic life. There will be balance and harmony in nature. Nature is almighty and merciful.  When Natural Law is enlivened in the farmer’s awareness, there will be a spontaneous balancing of agricultural resources throughout the world in favor of all mankind.

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6.  Veda in Human Physiology-The Individual is Cosmic

Professor Tony Nader, M.D., Ph. D., President of Maharishi Vedic University, and Maharishi University of Management, Europe, has conducted extensive research on the relationship between Veda, Natural Law, and human physiology. The total intelligence of Natural Law has been found not only in the Unified Field of Natural Law and in the Transcendental Consciousness of everyone as discussed above, but this total intelligence of Natural Law has been located in the physiology of everyone.
Professor Nader has discovered a precise, one correspondence between the 40 aspects of Veda and the Vedic Literature identified by Maharishi’s Vedic Science, and the fundamental structures and functions of human physiology.   Professor Nader has been able to demonstrate that the human physiology is the perfect expression—literally the further manifestation—of the intelligence inherent in the 40 branches of Veda and the Vedic Literature, or the 40 fundamental expressions of Natural Law.
The implication of this discovery is that every individual—with total Natural Law at the most basic level of his consciousness and physiology—should be able to live in harmony with Natural Law, enjoying perfection in life.

Because of this correlation, the more we enliven Veda—the more we enliven Natural Law—the more we enliven its most perfect and complete expression, the human physiology. When the farmer takes into account the deeper values of Natural Law, he ensures that the plant’s intelligence is fully enlivened.  When this quality of food is metabolized, it ensures the ideal functioning of the human physiology. As long as agriculture is only involved with relatively superficial levels of Natural Law, it will produce food that primarily affects the more surface levels of physiological functioning.

This knowledge furthers our understanding of the necessity of enlivening Natural Law at all levels of the food growing process.  It is the enlivenment of Veda, or Natural Law in Human Physiology that will maintain harmony between individual life and cosmic life and thus bring effortless fulfillment to all our aspirations.

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7.  Scientific research

Scientific research confirms that the Vedic technologies used in Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture can raise agriculture in any nation to a high level of success, bringing fulfilment to the farmer and the society. Through these practices, individual and collective life become in harmony with Natural Law, which is the fundamental requirement for success in agriculture.

The practical consequences of Maharishi’s Vedic Technologies for agriculture all come from an increased support of Natural Law. More than 600 scientific research studies, conducted at over 200 universities and research institutes in 30 countries, validate the comprehensive benefits of Maharishi’s Vedic technologies for all levels of life.  These benefits can be summarized in four main areas: (1) developing the creativity and perfect health of the farmer; (2) developing the farmer’s skill in action; and (3) creating an orderly and harmonious environment, the basis of balance in Nature, and (4) bringing life in perfect accord with Natural Law, insuring effortless abundance in the process of farming.

Besides these studies on the benefits of Maharishi’s Vedic technologies, there are also many current studies on the nutritional value of organic food and on foods that have been vine and tree ripened.  Plants, and especially herbs, have been shown to exhibit greater potency in the human physiology based on the time and method of harvest. 

Research also exists on the effects of sound on the growth of plants. This research has a great potential for providing new methods of improving plant performance.  The application of the Vedic sounds in farming brings fulfillment to the research and growth enhancing techniques used by many cultures around the world, because the Vedic sounds are the Laws of Nature themselves and therefore will have the most direct and profound results in effecting plant growth.

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8.  Maharishi Vedic Organic Certification Program

Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture Institute seeks to extend the current agricultural and organic certification standards to a new level. All of our Vedic procedures and certification criteria are designed to create more nutrition and more vitality in the food. This is why the Institute came into being, and this is why we have created our own criteria for certification. 

Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture Institute has created a quality standard for those who are truly aware of the full range of life.  With Maharishi Vedic Organic there is no compromise.  It is a matter of life.  We are a friend to life.  We want to promote the highest quality of life, and that is Enlightenment.  For this we need food which is lively in the full value of Natural Law.

The Maharishi Vedic Organic Certification Program will provide the criteria for qualifying agricultural products as Maharishi Vedic Organic.   Food will be certified on three levels of quality, freshness and purity, making it the highest standard in the world.  These three levels are:  (1) the food must be grown in accord with the most stringent standards of organic farming , (2) it must be Vedic organic, meaning that all Maharishi’s Vedic Technologies for enlivening Natural Law in the food have been applied, and (3) it must be Maharishi Vedic Organic.

This third level of purity of Maharishi Vedic Organic food is the Maharishi level of certification.  This means that the Vedic knowledge used in the food production comes from the scientifically validated programs of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the greatest living expert in the Vedic tradition.  This gives us confidence that the knowledge is complete, effective, traditional, and of the greatest practical value for nourishing life. 

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9.  Maharishi’s Program to Eliminate Poverty

One of the primary goals of Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture Institute is to eliminate poverty in the world. There are 6 billion people in the world, one half are living in poverty, and at least 1.5 billion are living in extreme poverty. This darkness in the lives of so many people effects every one of us. This is especially true when the natural resources inherent in the land of each county are enough to generate sufficient wealth to totally eradicate poverty. 

The central thrust of Maharishi’s Programme to Eliminate Poverty is to grow Vedic Organic food in the developing countries and market it in the consumer nations.  In this way we can “turn the dry sand to gold” and create economic self-sufficiency in the poor countries, while enlivening perfect health in the wealthy ones. 

There is no reason for poverty to continue in the world.  The vast potential in the world’s unused lands can work hand in hand with the growing awareness of the harmful effect of chemical farming and genetically engineered products. Poverty can be removed from every land through rising demand for organic food.

No government will feel comfortable calling itself a government while its ability to eradicate poverty is not being actualized. Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture Institute has the knowledge, the creativity and the support of Natural Law.  Nothing is out of our reach with the support of Natural Law.

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