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Is there scientific evidence that the Maharishi Effect works?

(the phenomenon of decreased war and conflict and increased quality of life in society when 1% of the population practices the Transcendental Meditation program or the square root of 1% practices the more advanced TM-Sidhi program).

Fifty well-controlled studies, many published in leading journals, have established the Maharishi Effect through repeated replication in many different cultural and geographic conditions using a wide variety of social indicators.

This research is the first and only research in the history of the social sciences to demonstrate reduction of armed conflict and improved quality of life on the national and international scales. 

In addition, all of the 600 studies on the Transcendental Meditation program support the Maharishi Effect, because they demonstrate improvements in individual life, which are at the basis of the improvements observed in society.

Is There Scientific Evidence That The Maharishi Effect Works?
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Have critics disproved the Maharishi Effect research and theory?

The theory and research have been vigorously examined and criticized because they present a fundamentally new and effective paradigm of society, which challenges standard dogma and the status quo.

Nevertheless, critics have not been able to provide an alternative explanation for the results.  Nor is there any other theory in the social sciences as sweeping in its range, which makes verifiable predictions.  It's the best in its class.

Have critics disproved the Maharishi Effect research and theory?
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Has Maharishi University of Management and the large meditator community living in Fairfield, Iowa had a positive influence on the town

The meditator businesses in Fairfield have been widely lauded by visitors and state officials for their entrepreneurial successes, and Fairfield is an exceptionally lively theater and music scene, with many ethnic restaurants. 

Crime statistics show that when Maharishi University of Management moved to Fairfield Iowa in 1973 (then called Maharishi international University) that violent crime in Fairfield decreased markedly.

Details: The Governor of Iowa has called Fairfield “the entrepreneurial capital of Iowa” — many new businesses started by the alumni are thriving in the community.

Fairfield is the creative arts center of Southeast Iowa with an exceptionally lively theater and music scene, and 25 art galleries around the town square.

Fairfield has more restaurants per capita than San Francisco. Among the choices are Chinese, Indian, Thai, Italian, French, and Mexican restaurants.

Two miles to the north of Fairfield is America’s newest incorporated city, Maharishi Vedic City, where all homes are designed and built according to the principles of Vedic architecture.

Is Fairfield Better?
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Do the groups of practitioners of the Transcendental Meditation program have the right to impose coherence on the rest of society?

Yes. Every individual, whether a meditator or not, whatever their level of consciousness, walk in life, religion, ethnic roots, or nationality, in every country, contributes to collective consciousness.  The individual's effect on collective consciousness happens whether they intend it or not, whether they know it or not. The influence of every person on everyone else in society through the field of collective consciousness is a completely automatic process, a law of nature. 

Perhaps a more relevant question to debate would be "do we have a right to impose our stress on everyone else in society, when there are proven, effective methodologies of stress reduction?"